Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Random Blog Visit 2

I don't know jack about poker -- online or offline, but Bullet Boy does. He's a professional poker player whose blog "Online Texas Hold Em-Play Great Online" states, "Are you ready to start winning at hold em? I'm going to show you how." The blogs also says, "This blog is for entertainment purposes only. It is meant to provide information relating to the game of hold em in its legal and non-gambling applications." then it goes on, "Online Poker can be profitable, but be sure to choose the right table!" --Whatever.

Bullet Boy's writing style is clear and direct. He's not instructing you on how to play Texas Hold Em. He assumes you, unlike myself, already know how, but are looking for tips on how to play online. He suggests what to look for on different poker sites. Here's some sample advice:

"You'll probably never see a player again but if you find anyone who is horrible, take a note and especially when you find the good players, make a note. It could save you your stack later."

Bullet Boy loves playing Texas Hold Em online, and is doing a pretty good job of spreading the love. My one criticism of the blog is that it appears a bit cluttered, and the white text on a black background lends itself to eye-strain.

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