Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not-so-random Blog Visit

While I was surfing around I found a blog that may be of interest to my fellow film buffs, Film for the Soul.

There is an extensiveand quite excellent review of Peckinpaw's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, however it's borrowed from another film blog. I, did, however enjoy Ibetolis' post asking his readers to choose which film he should watch again. Besides, anyone who uses a still of Takashi Shimura in the final scene of Ikiru as his blog header can't be all bad, can he?

1 comment:

Ibetolis said...

Thanks for the dedication and recommending me to your friends, it's gratifying to know that people out there are able to find my little blog.

However, maybe I'm reading it wrong, but my review of Pat Garret and Billy the Kid isn't borrowed from another blog. Or maybe I've misunderstood what you meant. It took me ages to write that thing.

I Like what you've done with your blog and thanks again for the mention.

As for Ikiru, I love it when people recognise it, so far you're only the second person (that I know of) to get it. What a beautiful film.