Friday, July 11, 2008

Use Your Fridge to Save the Planet!

The fight against global warming may seem daunting at times, but if everyone did something small everyday it could add up to a big difference. Did you know thart you can help save the planet by just changing a few small things in the way you use your refrigerator? These tips come courtesy of the

Keep a Pitcher of Water in Your Fridge
A pitcher full of water will help your refrigerator keep your food cool more efficiently

Fill the Fridge
Keeping your refrigerator full, but not to the point of overstuffing, will allow it to run at max capacity.

Check the Temperature in Your Fridge and Freezer
The EPA recommends keeping refrigerators at 37 degrees F and freezers at 3 degrees,

Buy an Energy Star Refrigerator
New Energy Star models use 40% less electricity than typical units sold in 2001. That means you could easily save over $50 a year by upgrading to an Energy Star fridge.

Remember: Refrigerators and freezers account for about a sixth of all electricity use in a typical American home, and they use more electricity than any other single household appliance.

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