Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nutrisystem Rant Part II

They're at it again. This time Nutrisystem is targetting their tasteful advertising campaign at the guys. The current ad features former sports stars who for whatever reason let their finely tuned athletic bods go to seed (in most cases). The ad features former NFL coach, Don Shula, Dan Marino and former MLB player, John Kruk, shown here his mullet-wearing days. I know Kruk's usually a cut-up, so I'm going to assume what he says in the ad is a joke. He tells how much weight he's lost on Nutrisystem then says, "My wife says I'm not as disgusting as I used to be." Not AS disgusting???!!!! If it's not a joke, maybe Kruk needs to consider losing 100 more ugly pounds --his wife!

ABOVE: John Kruk in his "prime" with Philadelphia.
At RIGHT: "Disgusting" Kruk prior to Nutrisystems.