Monday, July 07, 2008

Random Blog Visit 3

Streamsters - Tribal Tech blog bills itself as, "Tribal Tech Multimedia Electronics Reviews!" I guess that's a little something for everyone. Recent articles inlcude How to Find Auto Parts, Finding the Perfect Guitar Tone, and one on the good old water-engine.

Streamsters is maintained by someone named "Minley," but he only posts; the articles are submitted or borrowed from others. Apparently this is one of several blogs Minley maintains each with a different topic. Minley participates in Google Ad Sense and also features a wealth of links to other "Related Themes and Partner Sites."

While Minley is making (or trying to make) a profit off of his blogs this doesn't take away from the quality of the articles. He's put a bit of time and thought into what to include in his blogs. Being a designer found Domen Lombergar's interesting article on the "History of Digital Art" espcecially interesting.

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