Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone. We've all made it through another one. Here are the big events that happened in Zippychik's life:

January: Started my second class, Dr. D's database management principals (say that three times fast.) Ended my temp job in the advertising department of the local paper.

Februrary: Got hired as a part-time graphic designer for a software development company. Helped my friend, D celebrate her 5oth birthday. Hubby and I had a new standpipe installed; nothing like throwing two grand into a hole in your yard.

March: Got a year older, but not any wiser. Attended my fifth CineFest; Leonard Maltin sat in front of me -- again.

April: Volunteered at the International Video and Film Festival in Syracuse. I had a good time, but no celeb sightings this year.

May: Got an A in Dr. D's class. Started my second part-time job at JCPenneys.

June: Hell month begins. Was made full-time right at the software company after I started working evenings and weekends at Penneys. Also managed to work at the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Liverpool, NY. We raised over $45,000.

July: Quit JCPenney. Got my life back.

August: Visited Uncle T in Boston.

September: Spent time with R and her friend, K when they visited Ithaca, NY. My design for the company billboard was posted. Started another class, Internet Architecture.

October: Kind of a blur.

November: Hell month. Final group project for class begins. Worked on 2 important projects at work AND organized the office ribbon cutting ceremony and open house for the company.

December: Group presentation was wildly successful, but still waiting for professor to post grade. Had a long overdue get together with close friends on 12/22. Spent quiet holidays with family.

That's the year for me. The new job was the biggest thing. I didn't see any concerts this year, although, buddies, R & C had front row seats to The Pretenders in November and are still talking about the show. Didn't go anywhere exciting and didn't purchase any fun toys, either. Another year goes by, and I am still iPodless.

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Deathlok said...

A whirlwind year. With Token Asian coming to Philly on JAN, you could start the year off right with a trip.