Monday, December 11, 2006

The Month That Was

You gotta be kidding? I've gone a whole month without a post? Actually, I've hardly had time to breath this past month. Yesterday my sister called to chew me out, "What's wrong? We haven't heard from you since Thanksgiving?" Hey, she should be happy -- at least she got to see me for Thanksgiving! So here's the run down from my last post:

Halloween found me in at the office until eight, working on graphics for one of our client's tradeshow exhibits. The show was five days out. I was all alone in the office, probably close to being all alone in that huge building. The old radiators kept banging, and being Halloween I tried not to let me imagination run away with me.

The following week we had a huge web site launch at work, and I had a huge research paper due. The week after that I was beginning to freak out because my professor wasn't giving us enough direction on our final group project. I was seriously doubting we could get this project done with only 4 weeks left in the semester. Then it was Thanksgiving; my sister had us over for dinner, and all I had to cook was my famous sweet potato casserole.

Now the REAL fun begins, I'm pushing full out on the final project and then my boss puts in in charge of organizing the company's open house--only two days before the open house is scheduled!!!! I put in extra hours and ran my butt off. For those three days all I wanted to do when I got home was crawl right into bed--but no, I had a final project to work on!!! Then I spent the entire following weekend compiling the powerpoint file deliverable.

Last week, of course, the last day of class the professor scheduled a quiz, so I had to cram in some study time with the final project work. My group gave the presentation this past Friday afternoon. We blew the professor away. At the meeting he each group member their grades up to that point. Even if the presentation had sucked, my labs and papers were so strong, I still would have received an "A."

So now with all that behind me I could kick back and relax for a bit, right? Oh God, no!!! Saturday night my husband and I took his 21-year-old niece and her boyfriend who're both going to college nearby to an Orange basketball game. And then there's that little thing called Christmas that's going on. I decorated our tree and finished all the shopping, except my favorite shop -- the liquor store. I save that for last. I'll go next Saturday!


radio gnome said...

Wow . . . and all I did was break up the band.

Hope you get a little martini break soon darlin'.

zippychik said...

Gnome, I don't think I would have made it through without Radio Hidebound as a soundtrack!

radio gnome said...

ah . . . that very sweet of you to say darlin'.

radio gnome said...

hey, thought you might want to know that my host no longer thinks you're in Littleton, CO.

Now it thinks you're in Mechanicsville, VA!!