Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm All Aglow

Your Christmas lights are glowing 100%.

Awesome! Your Christmas tree lights up the whole room! You are a true lover of all things Christmas, and a joy for those around you!

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I scored 100 on my first try, although I almost got tripped up on Scrooge's business partner being named "Jacob Marley" not "Bob Marley." I also went above and beyond Christmas Spirit this year when the string of lights on the top of our tree blew out last weekend. It really looked crappy. After hubby and I spent the rest of the weekend debating the best solution to this crisis, I undecorated the entire top third of tree, put up a new string, then redecorated the tree and best I could. It looks terrific, but not as nice as the tree my friend S put up. Props to him for a tremendous job! He'd score 200% on any Christmas Quiz!

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Deathlok said...

I can't believe I only scored a 98.