Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Just to prove that I have offline friends who are even nuttier than my online pals, here's a Christmas card that my husband and I received the other day form our friend M. M is a professional drummer who's played with many great blues bands over the course of his career. For the past several years, however, M. has been developing a sideline in handcrafted wacked out greeting cards, which he appropriately calls "Hellmark LTD." In addition to M's subversive holiday cards, he sent my husband an absolutely hysterical card on the occassion of the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series.

To all my friends both online and off, I wish you and yours all a safe and Happy Holiday. And I'll borrow this final wish from another of my crazy offline friends, "Peace, love and shirazz!"


Deathlok said...

Thanks for the card! If you are traveling south, let us know. . . .and you have been tagged!

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radio gnome said...

happy happies chiklet!