Saturday, August 19, 2006

Procrastinating Yet Again

Hubby's away with the boys this weekend. It's a good thing too. Otherwise I'd be stuck here listening to him whine about the Bosox dropping a doubleheader to the Yankees yesterday. With all this freedom, what have I been up to? I just spent the past hour installing (or attempting to) a subscription update to Norton Anti-Virus. Geez, I hate windoze, the same procedure would have taken around 20 minutes on my Mac.

I should be working on my freelance project right now, but I got an e-mail from the client saying they like the brochure they just had designed (by another designer) and maybe they'd like to use that design or flyers and brochures. Well great, go see that designer and ask THEM to give you THEIR files so you can convert them over to word docs so you can do print future flyers out on your home office ink jet. See how far you get. BWAHAHAHAAAA!!! That ought to go over big. So I guess I'll hold off working on this project for another weekend. I need to do some sanding on my car, anyway.

I have to go to a graduation party for a friend's granddaughter this afternoon. Of course, the weather's miserable. I'll get to sit in a tent in the rain with a bunch of people I don't know. It should be a lot like Relay for Life.

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