Saturday, July 01, 2006

No Joy in Mudville

I know I promised to write more entries in my blog after I quit my other job, but the New York Mets were playing the Boston Red Sox this week. The Mets were swept by the Red Sox and then went on to get beat by the Jankies (also known as the New York Yankees) after a lengthy rain delay at Yankee Stadium last night.

My husband happens to be the biggest Red Sox fan I know. Much to my father's dismay I grew up a Mets fan while my sister, was the big Jankie fan. (That's probably why she was his favorite.) While I can't say I was happy about the Mets four recent losses, all that winning, winning, winning was getting slightly boring. Which brings me to ... "What the heck is WRONG with the National League East?" Mets are in first place by ten games followed by the Florida Marlins? The Florida Marlins? Yes, the same team that ended the Boston Red Sox's 12 game winning streak. What is this a sign of Armegeddon? I don't know, it just feels so wrong.

As I write this the Mets are leading the Jankies 2-0 in the third inning. What the heck am I doing here behind by computer? I know I can follow the game on the internet, but that's for work. (Oops! Is Doug reading this?) If I can't be at the stadium, watching on television is the only way for me to follow the game. so I'm outta here.

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