Sunday, October 08, 2006

Voo Dee Rules

There's a baseball team from New York headed to their league championship this week -- and it's NOT THE YANKEES!!!!!

Kudos to Bonderman, Rogers and the Detroit Tigers for making short work of the New York Yankees, the team all the experts were touting as "One of the Greatest Baseball Teams of All Time." So much for the experts. Somehow, I believe that a little rag doll also had some hand in this.

In the autumn of 2001, my husband, a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan and I were disgusted to see the Yankees off to yet another World Series. What could we do? We felt so helpless. It was as if destiny, karma or whatever external force there was ALWAYS favored them. That's when I decided to design a Yankee voodoo doll. Heck, even if it didn't work, we could still get out our frustration by beating the daylights out of this thing. Later, my husband gave him the nickname "Voo Dee," short for Voodoo Doll.

After Voo Dee was created the Yanks were defeated by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the World Series, and have not gone all the way since. We've beat, punched and kicked Voo Dee. Of course, we stick him full of pins. We've done everything short of running him over with our Forester. I'm happy to report the plucky little guy still keeps pulling through.

So, you Yankee fans out there, don't be quite so hard on A-Rod. Perhaps, it's not all his fault that karma's turned against your team. Maybe the blame should go to two Boston Red Sox fans and their little beat up doll.

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