Sunday, October 15, 2006

No Snow --Yet!

For all my friends who live outside of central New York State, I just want you all to know that , no, we did not get any snow, yet. (Notice I did say "yet" by the time you get to read this there just might be some white stuff on the ground.) Buffalo did get clobbered with over 22 inches this week. Good thing we didn't get this storm, I still haven't got my boots out of storage. I did, however, purchase an adorable leopard print fleece hat and black fleece gloves from Lands' End. They're getting snow north of us today, but hopefully the wind won't shift and bring some of that our way.

The weather this weekend has been pretty miserable anyway, so I've been inside playing catch up on my class reading. I just came up with a topic and outline for my upcoming research paper, and I've got mondo studying to do for this week's quiz.

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