Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two More Weeks

I need to get in control of my life again. I heard on the radio that the Mets clinched their division last night. My response was, "Oh yeah, I knew they were going to do that, just didn't know when." Other seasons I'd be following every pitch and every swing of the bat. Yikes! Now I've hardly got a chance to post in my blog. Fortunately I did get a catch a break, today's class got canceled! Yes, we still have to present our group project next week, but the good thing is NO NEW assignment this week. Maybe I'll get to read the assignment I couldn't finish last week because I was busy writing my web critique/research paper and studying for a quiz (that also was canceled.)

While this past weekend was work, work, work, the weekend before my husband and I got together with 80sgirl and her friend, K, who were visiting Cornell. Ithaca is so nice, I'm sorry we don't get a chance to visit there more often. Maybe with Hubby's niece at school in nearby Cortland, we'll have an excuse to go down there more. Although with the work load I currently have, that looks pretty doubtful.

I really enjoyed our afternoon with 80sgirl and K. First lunch at The Pines for 80sgirl's favorite -- The Pinesburger -- followed by Apple Cranberry Pie ala mode and Chcocolate Decadence for dessert. Then off to check out some beautiful gorges. We ended up back at Cornell for a chimes concert in the bell tower. It was an incredible experience. The weather was perfect; the view spectacular; and the music in the bell tower was terrific. The songs included "The Rose" and "Moon River." It was almost as if they had been selected just for 80sgirl. I'm only sorry that they didn't play any Sting songs.

The high point of the day was when K saw hubby's Grateful Dead skeleton sticker on the rear window of his Forrester. "Oh, a Dead Head," she remarked and proceeded to tell us about her old boyfriend, an Egyptian, who was a Dead Head.

I hope to post again soon, but can't promise you when. Maybe with only ONE assignment to work on this week, I'll find time to post this weekend, but I'm not making any promises. I might end up watching a Mets game on television.

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Token Asian said...

Congrats to the Mets in Game 1...it was a thriller, wasn't it?!