Monday, June 19, 2006

Relay for Life 2006

I had put off posting the results of this past weekend's Relay for Life until I had heard how much money we raised. I couldn't stay all night; I had to put in a full shift on Saturday. I missed closing ceremonies when they announce how much was raised. I hoped someone would have e-mailed me the results by now, but they must all still be snoozing.

Our Relay was held at Onondaga Lake Park. The participants' campsites were located right on the shore. The weather was fantastic, just the opposite of last year's cold rainy evening. I missed helping to set up since I worked until 4pm. My boss let me leave early. I stopped by the supermarket for ice, went home, and changed loaded the car up with my junk then headed to the lake. I did get put to work as soon as I arrived. I worked the Relay store. Pins with blinking lights and baseball caps sold very well. I also helped out putting names on luminaries and filling them up with sand. I escorted a reporter from a local paper to interview on of our team captains who's also a survivor.

Later in the evening I hung out with K and her husband. I found out that both of her parents had died of cancer within two years of each other.

The only negative thing was that 2 local radio personalities had committed to EMCEE some of the festivities. We put their names in the program thanking them and they stiffed us. I'm certainly glad that I didn't include them in the press releases. If my memory is correct, I think Kel warned me not to anyway.

Before I forget, kudos to the Washington Nationals for taking two out of three games in their series against the Yankees. In both games the Senators came from behind to prevail. And a huge congratulations goes out to Ryan Zimmerman for his exciting walk off home run to end Sunday's game!

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