Sunday, June 18, 2006

Adventures in Retail: Game Over

To quote one of my cyber pals, Wombat-Socho, "I'm not dead yet." I only look and feel that way. After sacrificing all my free personal time and what little sanity I have left to the retail gods,
I decided to pack it in. Yesterday's 9 hour shift with the schedule change that no one bothered to tell me about was pretty much the kicker. Some manager I had never heard of called my house to ask me Iwhy I wasn't already at work! Then there were 2 DIFFERENT $10 off discount coupons and a special 20% discount AFTER 4pm ONLY on already marked dowm items that were the last straw. I swear the March Hare from Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is the marketing director for this chain. It's not as if anyone explains any of these discounts to the sales staff, oh God, no. Then guess who gets the brunt of the customers' wrath when we try our best to explain these convulted promotions to them. Oh, and did I mention the dozen or so returns from hell I had to issue yesterday and that 2 out of the 4 cash registers in our area are broken, along with the store's elevator which has been out of commisssion for the past week? We've having to send parents with strollers and folks in wheelchairs over to our competititor across the hall to use their elevator. I'll bet their cash registers work, too.

In the 3 weeks since my last post, L broken up and reconciled with her boyfriend twice. Lucky me, I even got to hear all the details of his recent drunken molestation of her. Then there was the fight between the 2 white trash women swearing at the tops of their lungs at each other in the pre-teen girls' section. They continued their heated disageement all the way to the 2 operating cash registers and guess which associate got to cash them out? I was just thrilled to see them leave without coming to blows.

I was supposed to work a 5 hour shift today but woke up with the nastiest sinus infection and a low grade fever. I figured that going to work in the children's department with a fever was definitely not a good idea. I doubt my supervisor would agree with that notion but screw her.

I just submitted my resignation on the company site, which my the way, does work. I'm foolishly planning to serve out the rest of my sentence, I mean finish my scheduled shifts, as long as one one changes them without telling me. This Saturday will be my last day. I can't wait to get my life back. I will NEVER set foot in that store again.


Deathlok said...

Flashbacks of retail.

I, for one, would have tried to prompt the "trashies" to duke it out. You're on the clock AND get ringside seats. The WWF (WhiteTrash Wrestling Federation)!! It has Spike TV written all over it.

Remember, everytime L starts talking, you should just mentally compare you life to hers and (a) your life will seem that much better and (b)it's entertaining in the way that Reality Television is entertaining.

zippychik said...

I will miss that part of the job, but I'll still be riding the bus to my other job. That provides much of the same type of reality entertainment. Coming soon to a zippychik blog near you!