Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hollywood of the Northeast?

As the Syracuse International Film and Video Festival is winding down this week, a huge announcement was made concerning the establishment of a Film Center right here in Syracuse, NY!!! I'm currently reading a fascinating book, History of the American Film Industry: From Its Beginnings to 1931 by Benjamin B. Hampton. Hampton had first-hand experience of the film industry during its fascinating formative days. In one chapter, Hampton explains why movie production moved from the east coast to California, and why Los Angeles, not San Francisco, eventually became home to the industry.

This leads me to wonder why Syracuse? Can the city succeed as an entertainment production center? Will technology changing entertainment business models, and ever-rising production costs create a network of many smaller entertainment production centers instead of a one central location in Hollywood. With many more outlets online and off for smaller independent productions, this could be the case. If so, Syracuse could succeed.

Time will tell, and of course, I'll post updates.

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