Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Latest Time Sucker

Recently I after much feet dragging along with a myriad of privacy concerns, I finally joined Facebook. One of my biggest issues with it being, "Oh no, not another online time sucker." Surprisingly after setting up my account, I've limited my Facebook time to about 10 minutes in the morning, 5 to 10 minutes at lunch and around an extra 15 minutes on the weekend.

So while Facebook turned out not to be a time sucker at all, what turned out to be a huge time sucker is I found the site while spending time on The Golden Age of Hollywood, I've noticed that several members had embedded playlists on their personal blogs. I decided to check it out. Three hours later I had created 3 playlists and a fourth one I added a few days ago. I knew that there were sites where you could tailor your music streams, but never realized how much fun they were. You add a couple of songs and then start thinking of a couple more you need to add. Next thing you know it's midnight!

According to

"Our purpose is to help you find and enjoy music legally throughout the web in the same way that other search engines help you find webpages, images, and other media, but we also add a social /community twist. We make it easy for you to create playlists, share your playlists with friends, and browse playlists of others. We connect you with the coolest music on the web, and we connect people who are passionate about music."

The application is still in beta, and the selection is somewhat limited, but the most popular songs seem to be avialable. For instance I could only find a half dozen songs by Peter Gabriel. (But then I believe that Gabriel is launching his own media site, so that could explain the scarcity of his music.) Also you can only search by artist name or title of song or album. There is no search by genre function. You can, however, search other members playlists and if you find a member who shares your musical taste you can become one of their followers. A big plus with is the sharing ability, similar to YouTube, the site allows you to generate code that you can paste into your site. The one drawback at this point is that there is no sharing capability with Facebook.

Well, here's my favorites playlist. I have three more to listen to if you're interested. Enjoy!

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