Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shop Without Guilt! is a nifty shopping site where all products offered are environmentally sustainable. Can you believe that the cute clutch pictured below is crafted from recycled truck innertubes?! You can also find accessories from Brazil made from food and candy wrappers, and many beautiful examples of Sea Glass Jewelry.The site also features reusable tote bags, a large assortment of BPA-free beverage bottles, green dog stuff and much more!

PLUS, a portion of the proceeds go to fund NEEF, the National Environmental Education Foundation. According to NEEF's site the organization supports a "network of health professionals, weathercasters, land managers and teachers. Our programs reach hundreds of thousands of households and translate into direct actions, saving millions of dollars as well as reducing energy use, protecting nature, and improving the health of thousands of children."

Don't forget to visit the myEarth360 blog! Why not show your loved ones that you how much care with an "eco-chic"sustainable gift from myEarth360?

Note: I am not being compensated in any way by myEarth360. I just want to spread the news about a web site that promotes sustainability.

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