Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Green Christmas

This is my first post after being AWOL during the end of the fall semester; I hope to post bit more during the coming weeks.

Bing had a White Christmas; Elvis had a Blue Christmas. This holiday season the staff of Syracuse University will be having a GREEN CHRISTMAS with an extended paid holiday break! In past years the University operated on a reduced schedule during the business days between Christmas and New Years Day. This year as an energy-saving measuer all non-essential offices will be closed during the period. The program is a pilot and will be evaulated after the holidays to determine if it should be implemented during future holidays. It's part of the University's ongoing committment to sustainability.

We'll have to wait and see if the break will add much to energy use reduction, but when the holiday extension was announced to the employees, the reaction was so positive one would have thought that Santa had landed on the Quad and was handing out bags of cash! It's possible that SU may not only reap energy savings, but could also experience a productivity increase among a happy staff that was given the opportunity to enjoy extra quality time with family and friends.

Happy Green Christmas to one and all!

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