Sunday, August 03, 2008

My New Office

My husband and I spent a large chunk of our vacation last week reorganizing our home office. It was in dire need of an upgrade/upheaval. Not that I haven't been productive in my graduate studies, but at least now I can be both productive and comfortable! The chair pictured here is on its way out. I've got a new ergonomic one on order. I'm hoping it will arrive by the weekend. Also not pictured is a new bookshelf that my wonderful husbnad assembled for me during the Fourth of July weekend.

Now the office is almost ready for our newest arrival -- a brand new iMac! Once that's installed I'll never leave the office!

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Christian H said...

Has your new iMac come through yet? I work on a 24" white iMac that I absolutely love. Very powerful and totally reliable, I feel it has helped me be as productive as possible. Great choice.