Monday, July 30, 2007

80s(Girl) Weekend

We sure had fun this weekend, kids. R was in Ithaca for an alumni board meeting so Mr. Zippychik and I drove down on Saturday afternoon to pick her up for a fun filled weekend in the 'Cuse. Early Saturday evening we had sandwiches and beer at the Blue Tusk then headed over to Alliance Bank Stadium to see the Syracuse Chiefs defeat the Buffalo Bisons. R had been shouting about seeing a Chiefs game ever since we met online over 2 years ago. After that it was back to Casa Zipster for Appletinis mixed and served by Mr. Z.

Sunday we hung out and lingered over our morning coffees. Later on we had lunch at the legendary Dinosaur BBQ. R and Mr. Zippy ordered ribs, while I had a pulled pork and portobello mushroom sandwich. Yum. Then it was over to Cafe Biscotti in Little Italy for some gelatto. It seemed all too soon it was time to take R back to Ithaca for her upcoming week of networking power meetings.

Anyway, I had to rest up a bit before the weekend was over, because today I started my new job as a computer consultant for Syracuse University's Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (try saying that three times fast!)


Token Asian said...

Domo arigato gozaimashita for an EXCELLENT weekend in Syracuse! Can't wait to return the favor if you make it out to L.A.!

Lotsa love to you and Mr. Zippychik,


Deathlok said...

Sadly, the camera stayed hidden during my 80s Visit. . . . but we had cheesesteaks and scrapple

Token Asian said...

I was trying to leave a comment at "Yankee Excuse Parade" but I think it's a new blog. What's their excuse for the whoopin' they took from the Angels last night? Garret Anderson RULES!!!!!!!

D'lok...I regret the choice to have travelled light on my East coast travels (left my camera at home). We'll make up for it next time!