Sunday, March 11, 2007

So Wrong, So Very Wrong

While I've got my rant hat on I just wanted to draw your attention to the cover of this week's Vanity Fair. I saw it while in the check out line at the supermarket yesterday. It's wrong on so many levels, I'm not sure where to start. But I'll start with my biggest bug-a-boo, James Gandalfini! My girlfriends and I want to know who decided this guy is a stud muffin. No, George Clooney is a stud muffin. Jude Law is a stud muffin. Clive Owen is a stud muffin. James Gandalfini is NOT a stud muffin!!!! I've got uncles who are more attractive than his guy. Second why a naked blonde woman (who should be signing herself up for Nutrisystem) perched on his lap? This has anything to do with anything except boosting Vanity Fair's sales. I mean who's going to buy a magazine with James Gandalfini's ugly mug on the cover, unless you put a naked woman on the cover with him. Besides, who cares The Sopranos has "jumped the shark" anyway.


Kleo said...

There are stud muffins and then there are pud muffins. Gandolfini falls into the later category.

Watching him on the screen puts me to mind of some vintage Mutual of Omaha footage. "The rhinoceros has a massive body and short, thick legs. The vision of the rhinoceros is poor, but this deficiency is compensated for by acute senses of smell and hearing. Careful Jim, that rhinoceros might charge at any minute."

As for the quality of the show, it's been circling the drain for sometime now. At least SJP had the sense to cut and run before S&C jumped the shark.

Brian said...

James Gandalfini is on that cover? Funny, I didn't notice ...